Aug 10, 2020

#10FreeDays: Day 10 - Last Day of 10FreeDays

Today is the final day of the #10FreeDays campaign, and I wanted to share what has been accomplished so far, in just 9 days... 

First and foremost, thank you for joining me as we learned about the horror of human trafficking in Nepal and what Our Daughters International is doing to fight against it. We journeyed the Restoration Pathway that is followed by our daughters as they transform from victims of trafficking to leaders for the empowerment of women and societal change in Nepal. 

Enough funds have been raised so that over 420 girls will be rescued and restored due to the generous support received from over 1,350 friends and family during #10freedays. An additional 110 girls will be rescued by the Matching Gift grant provided by RB Nordick Foundation that was earned by exceeding the overall campaign goals. That is a total of 530 girls that will receive assistance and education through the safe home, training center, and educational programs at Our Daughters International - and there is still one more day left in the campaign.

I've been honored to share the Our Daughters International stories and mission on my blog, which you can read all 10 days here:

Today’s video has Ramesh providing a personal “thank you” from Kathmandu! Watch here

Since 2009, Our Daughters International has counseled over 130,000 girls and women at the border between Nepal and India. Over 11,000 have been rescued.  Thank you for joining the fight by supporting me as an Activist for #10freedays. Together, we have given hope and purpose to hundreds of our daughters in Nepal. 

You can still join the fight and help rescue even more girls by clicking on the link below.

I am 70% of the way to my personal goal - with $90 to go! Seriously, every dollar matters. My goal is to hit the $300 mark, which rescues, restores, and educates one more woman... one more future business owner... one more future community leader... one more change-maker!

Thank you so much!

Aug 9, 2020

#10FreeDays: Day 9 - Elegantees... Making an Impact for Daughters

Over 1,300 donors have responded to rescuing and restoring daughters in Nepal. We have raised enough to rescue over 390 girls. There is one more day left in our #10freedays campaign! 
Welcome to Day 9 of #10freedays. It is fulfilling our purpose at it's best when someone uses the talents they have been blessed with for the benefit of others. Katie Martinez, the co-founder of #10freedays and owner of the online fashion brand, Elegantees, is a wonderful example of someone living with purpose! Sustainable income is a key component in the battle against trafficking in Nepal and Katie provides that to over 20 daughters at the Kingdom Hope Garment Factory.

Katie is donating the profits of Sunday's Elegantees sales to Our Daughters International. One of the wonderful things about her garments is that the products are sewn by our own rescued daughters in Nepal. Please browse her online store at Enjoy shopping, and check out today's video which highlights the garment factory supported by Katie's business.

Amazing things can happen when like-minded, passionate people collaborate. Ramesh Sapkota, Our Daughters International President, and Katie Martinez, Founder of clothing company Elegantees and the 10freedays campaign, met in 2011. From there, they dreamed of working together to provide meaningful employment for girls rescued and restored from human trafficking in Nepal. That dream resulted in the launching of the Kingdom Hope Garment Factory which now employs over 20 daughters who manufacture the designs of Elegantees.

"I am very happy to work here because before I thought that I could not do anything for myself. I was completely wrong. Now I can live for myself and support my family" - daughter employed @ Kingdom Hope Garment Factory

Today, Ramesh will welcome you to Kingdom Hope Garment Factory via video (watch here: Plus, Katie has agreed to donate the profits of Sunday's Elegantees sales to Our Daughters International! Please click on this link,, to learn more about Elegantees and to make your purchase to support Our Daughters International.

Thanks to those of you who have supported me in my fundraising efforts. For the rest of you, please consider giving today and contributing to my fundraising goal through this link:

Aug 8, 2020

#10FreeDays: Day 8 - A Daughter Shares Her Story of Restoration

Every trafficked girl deserves to be rescued and restored. She deserves having hope and a purpose for her life. Even though we have exceeded all expectations for #10freedays, let's keep sharing her story and FINISH STRONG!

We have raised enough to rescue 375 girls... and we're going for 450 over the last 3 days of 10freedays.

More exciting news... the Matching Gift challenge has been met. An additional 110 girls will be rescued with the $33,000 earned from the RB Nordick Foundation's generous challenge.
Day 8 of our campaign is a very special day because we get to hear from one of our daughters herself! Today, you will meet Karuna. She is a very special daughter who has been restored and has committed her life to keep her sisters in Nepal from enduring the pain she has suffered. She, and her Nepali sisters, are why I have committed to the 10 days to join the fight against trafficking in Nepal.

Meet Karuna! She is one of the thousands of girls that have been rescued and restored by Our Daughters International in Nepal. She will share her story of how she was rescued and is now dedicating her life to save her sisters in Nepal. She is a powerful social activist bringing anti-trafficking awareness to the girls and women of Nepal and boldly sharing her story of pain, as a platform for societal change.

Rescuing and restoring girls like Karuna is why I became an Activist for #10freedays. I know this campaign is so important as it provides the resources for giving hope and a purpose to Karuna and hundreds of girls like her. 

🤜🤛 Please join me in the fight against trafficking by contributing to my fundraising goal through this link (also easily accessible in my LinkTree) now through August 10:

✨ As an alternative to donating, you can also shop for a cause 🛍️ through my Stella & Dot fundraising link: - and for every $50 sold, I'll donate $5 of my commission to the cause! 💖

Aug 7, 2020

#10FreeDays: Day 7 - Daughters as Leaders for Change

It is amazing to see what a group of like-minded people can achieve when they work together, even during a pandemic!

Over 350 girls will be rescued from trafficking in Nepal! Almost 1,200 donors have supported 232 Activists to raise over $107,000 in just 6 days.

Now, we have set our sights on raising enough to rescue 450 girls by the close of #10freedays.

Welcome to Day 7 of #10freedays. Today, I am sharing how our daughters are educating women in their communities through anti-trafficking and gender-based violence workshops, and also empowering women by encouraging entrepreneurship development. Your efforts to help rescue more daughters are having a ripple effect in Nepal. The one rescued and restored daughter is changing the lives of hundreds of others for the better.

In today’s video, Indra will discuss how communities are transformed by our daughters, which you can watch here:
The restoration pathway followed by the trafficking victims in Nepal is so inspiring. To know that girls who had no future are now igniters for empowering thousands of girls and women in Nepal is amazing. Our daughters host anti-trafficking sessions, gender-based violence education and legal literacy training. They empower others in their community through entrepreneurship development training and the establishment of savings groups. Six of these groups have even gone on to start federally chartered banks! 
As a #10freedays Activist, I am asking you to join me in stopping human trafficking in Nepal through the transformation of communities by our rescued and restored daughters.

🤜🤛 Please join me in the fight against trafficking by contributing to my fundraising goal through this link (also easily accessible in my LinkTree) now through August 10:

✨ As an alternative to donating, you can also shop for a cause 🛍️ through my Stella & Dot fundraising link through August 10: - and for every $50 sold, I'll donate $5 of my commission to the cause! 💖

Aug 6, 2020

#10FreeDays: Day 6 - Launching Micro-Businesses to Become Community Leaders

We have exceeded our #10freedays goal of rescuing 300 girls from trafficking in Nepal in just 5 days!! Over 225 Activists have engaged 1,100 donors to raise over $94,000!

How many more can we rescue in the 2nd half of #10freedays?

Today is Day 6 of our #10freedays campaign. Did you know the funds we raise not only rescue girls and provide them with care and counseling but also send them back into the community as owners of micro-businesses? This step empowers our daughters, earning them respect and virtually eliminates their chances of being re-trafficked. Thank you for your commitment to continue sharing about how Our Daughters International is transforming lives.

Meet Priska, the Business Manager, who shepherds our daughters as they establish their micro-businesses. The types of businesses include tailoring, salons, cafés, markets, and butchering. This step in their journey is so important because these micro-businesses allow our daughters to become self-sufficient and therefore at less risk of being re-trafficked. Having a successful micro-business is the first step in our daughter becoming a leader for change in her community.
I am so excited to be an Activist for #10freedays and to know that this campaign is such an important component of support as our daughters step-out to become leaders. Thanks for your willingness to join me.

🤜🤛 Please join me in the fight against trafficking by contributing to my fundraising goal through this link now through August 10:

✨ As an alternative to donating, you can also shop for a cause 🛍️ through my Stella & Dot fundraising link: - and for every $50 sold, I'll donate $5 of my commission to the cause! 💖