Feb 4, 2017

Stella & Dot Valentine's Gift Guide ❤️️

www.stelladot.com/wcfieldsI've always enjoyed Valentine's Day, as it was a celebrated in my sorority as a holiday for social gathering.

Valentine's Day is more than just having a significant other or romantic love... it's also a celebration of self-love and friendship!

Single ladies (me included!), no need to lament - celebrate your fabulous self!

Who will you be shopping for this Valentine's (or Galentine's) Day? Stella & Dot has got you covered!

Shop these gorgeous gifts for yourself or the many special ladies in your life at www.stelladot.com/wcfields.

Stella & Dot's unique line of customizable and personalized engravable pieces make the perfect gifts. From necklaces and charms to cuff links to signet rings, along with different font options and metal colorways, the design possibilities are endless! These are great for any special lady in your life and truly a gift from the heart.

(Pictured here: Jacqueline Tassel Necklace, Illusion Earrings, Ainsley Cuff, Protective Eye Wishing Bracelet and Covet by Stella & Dot Clutch.)

Got a hot date with your significant other or your girlfriends? Be sure you have on all of your favorite Stella & Dot jewels and finish the look with a luxe Covet by Stella & Dot handbag!

Now, ladies, it's ALWAYS a good idea to treat yourself - you deserve it! Show yourself some love and BYOD... buy your own diamonds!

Stella & Dot also posted a fabulous blog with even more great gift ideas for mothers, little ones, girlfriends and yourself! Read it here!

Order by Wednesday, February 8 to receive in time for 💖Day! Need assistance? Please reach out anytime on my website at www.stelladot.com/wcfields.


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